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It's a pleasure to meet you

I'm a voice actor.

My whole family is creative and voice acting is my personal, best life. My husband and I make beautiful music together. His musical skill and my wordsmithery. This maiden blog post is an homage to some of the art I've been a part of for the past few years that has inspired me the absolute, most. That is Love & Data and, watching my daughters grow into their own love of different types of music, which is the candle on my cake. It's a lot to process. Love flood. Incredible. Life maker. Anyway! The girls would endorse this post, if they were awake, but it's far past their bedtime. They like that we make music and do Voice Over. One of their favorite games with me is "quiet on set". If I am recording for a client, we all say "quiet on set" and then play our art family version of quiet mouse. Dali loves to record. Lexi is reluctant, but has such a poignant gift I hope that she someday comes to listen to herself without judgment. They are both gifted beyond measure. Nate and I are gifted and grateful each day. The love we have for each other, and our intellectual/musical collaboration are present on each Love & Data track. I love nothing more than making music with my husband, daughters, and cultivating a life that rewards us all.

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